Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teva Terra Fi 2, solid but smelly!

During summertime I always wear sandals. My Karnelli wraptors broke down so I needed a new pair. I'm used to wear Teva sandals so I wanted the same mark, i visited numerous shops but could not find the Karnelli wraptors I was used to so I bought the Terra Fi 2 sandals.

Mark: Teva
Product: Terra Fi 2 sandals
Price: £ 40 @
Website manufacturer:

The sandals
The sandals can be bought in several colors, Black, Drew brown, Drew navy, Relic olive, Thena olive,... They also come in lost of different sizes, as well for woman as for men. I bought the Thena olive which have a green and black color. The sandals have a black outsole with a green logo. The outsole is made out of spider rubber, spider rubber makes the outsole have a great grip on all kinds of surfaces. The spider rubber lasts longer then normal rubber outsoles. The midsoles have a green shock pad located underneath the heels, this absorbs shocks while walking. The Microban antibacterial system has been build into the topsole, this should make sure bacteria don't build up quickly in the sole. The top sole has small circles in them I have no idea what use these have. The outsole is slightly bend and the sandal has 3 Velcro nylon straps. These straps can be fully adjusted to the size of the foot so everything fits perfectly. They also have soft black pads in them so they never hurt while wearing.

My opinion
I've used these sandals for 2 years now, they fit my foots perfectly. I use them to walk every day on the street, on a vacation I use them to walk in the rivers or in the woods. The grip of the soles is really amazing! They don't weigh a lot, I can hardly feel I'm wearing them. The spiderrubber does what the manufacturer promises! The bottomsoles have only small marks of wear and tear and during summertime I wear them every day. The only real problem with these sandals is the Microban system, this really sucks! I never have smelly feet but when wearing these sandals for 3 days, they started to smell really badly. The small circles in the topsole build up a lot of dirt so maybe that's why they smell so horrible. To get rid of the smell I have to soak the sandals from time to time. Overall I am very happy with the build quality but because of the smell I will never buy any sandals with this kind of topsoles.

Advantages: Spider rubber bottomsole, Adjustable straps, Durable sandals
Sandals smell terrible after a few days
Summary: Teva Terra FI 2, solid build quality but smelly feet

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